Lessons learned

I’ve learned two lessons ’bout busking while trying it myself and watching others doing it: Lesson no. 1: If you want people to stop and listen you’ll need to be funny (meaning: doing some sort of comedy) or you’ll need to be an artiste doing something impressive like magic tricks or fire-eating. Lesson no. 2: […]

Off to my textwriter’s hometown

I’m waiting for my bus to leave for Stratford-upon-Avon. There’s quite a bit going on here at the Victoria Coach Station. Funny: loudspeaker announcements in finest German accent! Ich warte an der unglaublich vollen Victoria Coach Station auf meinen Bus nach Stratford-upon-Avon. Lustig sind die Durchsagen in feinstem deutschen Akzent!

Shooting video footage

Today I’m shooting some footage for a possible music video. For instance sitting top front on a double-decker bus. In the picture: The City of London, the heart of financial criminality. Heute: Filmmaterial sammeln für ein mögliches Musikvideo. Zum Beispiel im Doppelstockbus oben ganz vorn. Auf dem Bild: The City of London, Herz der Finanzkriminalität.

1st attempt/Erster Versuch

So I gave busking a 1st try today: Camden High Street Bridge over Regent’s Canal. Well, you can not name it successful. I thought about changing to cover songs, give the people what they know—but I didn’t. At least there was some sightseeing tonight 🙂 Mein erster Versuch, Straßenmusik zu machen: die Brücke der Camden […]

Midnight thoughts

It feels strange, being so completely on my own, although I thought I’d like to be alone (I often do—but then I’m never far from getting back to others)—actually I never REALLY was before … tomorrow I’ll meet an old friend of mine—so: not all alone anymore 😉


I arrived a bit more than an hour ago. Now I’m in my room and, having get rid of my stuff I will now go, well … somewhere. Vor etwas mehr als einer Stunde bin ich in London angekommen, habe jetzt mein Zimmer in einem Studentenwohnheim bezogen und werd nun, da ich nicht mehr soviel […]