A Stratocaster guitar and some effects pedals


7pm – and everything’s in! We had one more day in a studio (a newly built one that was not even finished yet): we’ve recorded some addtional guitars, some bits of harmony vocals for three songs, among them Anger Bob and Identity, and the bass guitar for The Rain in Certain Car Parks. So we’re […]

Hallam playing the guitar in Dave’s home studio (photo by Ian)

Tiny room Rock’n’Roll

Until yesterday we’ve been through six of ten songs for a first edit. That means, Dave did a rough mix to see where the feel of the song leads and then comes up with fantastic ear candy ideas (see previous post). I’m so excited to see the songs blossom the way the do, how even […]

Another day, another drummer

After the amazing Ben Fuller it was the fantastic Kris Tearson today playing the drums for another five tracks. Originating from the heavier sort of rock music, Dave had suggested him for the louder, faster, and heavier songs from our list. And luckily he agreed which he only did because it was Dave who asked […]

Drum setup

The adventure begins

After almost three months of on-and-off preparations and organisation I finally met Dave in person. In his home studio we talked the upcoming recording weekend through and we dropped another song from the shortlist. It was a song I very much like but Dave felt it didn’t fit in with the other songs and that […]

On the radio!

My new album ‘Not Afraid Of Greatness – Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ was recently presented on Germany’s most important national radio station ‘Deutschlandradio Kultur’: ‘[it] transfers Shakespeares poetry […] astoundingly seamless into the present. […] Lyrics and music are perfectly matched, the songs are manifold and catchy.’ And further, ‘Hallam London indeed manages to rearrange the ever […]

Debut EP out now!

My debut EP has been published just minutes ago! It’s available on amazon and many other portals by now, iTunes will follow soon. But you can also go to my bandcamp page to download it and name just the price that you think is decent! Vor wenigen Minuten wurde meine Debüt-EP veröffentlicht! Sie ist auf […]