We definitely rocked the house tonight at Mr Wolf’s. We weren’t so sure about that in the first place as we were playing the songs in that reduced setup. But it actually worked out really, really well. We truly enjoyed ourselves.

Tonight: club gig at Mr Wolf’s

After enjoying a beautifully hot and sunny day, starting with a proper English breakfast, we’re now waiting to setup for our 2nd gig in Bristol! It’s gonna be at Mr Wolf’s and we are about to play 40 mins ‘raw’ programme: no synths, no computers, just drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and voice. We have […]

Whoosh …

… and then it’s over in a sudden. Thanks to everyone who worked a lot over the past few months to make this happen: we had a great show at a fantastic location and we really enjoyed ourselves. And after that 16-hrs-day we definitely longed for that beer we then had. Cheers!

Preparing for the show

Here we are: at Colston Hall. Just having finished the soundcheck and it feels amazing on stage—thanks to Colin from Colston Hall running the sound tonight. We arrived in Bristol early this afternoon and I went straight on playing some songs on crowded streets while Michael and Alex were handing out flyers together with Sophie […]

On the ferry

We’re on board the ferry after a walk through the city of Calais and a short night. Luckily enough, as I have overslept and the guys had to wake me this morning.

(Almost) ready to take off

So it’s England again: the reason to reactivate this blog that I started 11 months ago when I toured England alone. But this time I’ve got company: my bandmates Alex Fox and Michael Wünsch. Oh, and the train won’t be working this time: this huge car will be packed up to the roof with equipment. […]