Lessons learned

I’ve learned two lessons ’bout busking while trying it myself and watching others doing it: Lesson no. 1: If you want people to stop and listen you’ll need to be funny (meaning: doing some sort of comedy) or you’ll need to be an artiste doing something impressive like magic tricks or fire-eating. Lesson no. 2: […]

Off to my textwriter’s hometown

I’m waiting for my bus to leave for Stratford-upon-Avon. There’s quite a bit going on here at the Victoria Coach Station. Funny: loudspeaker announcements in finest German accent! Ich warte an der unglaublich vollen Victoria Coach Station auf meinen Bus nach Stratford-upon-Avon. Lustig sind die Durchsagen in feinstem deutschen Akzent!

Shooting video footage

Today I’m shooting some footage for a possible music video. For instance sitting top front on a double-decker bus. In the picture: The City of London, the heart of financial criminality. Heute: Filmmaterial sammeln für ein mögliches Musikvideo. Zum Beispiel im Doppelstockbus oben ganz vorn. Auf dem Bild: The City of London, Herz der Finanzkriminalität.

1st attempt/Erster Versuch

So I gave busking a 1st try today: Camden High Street Bridge over Regent’s Canal. Well, you can not name it successful. I thought about changing to cover songs, give the people what they know—but I didn’t. At least there was some sightseeing tonight 🙂 Mein erster Versuch, Straßenmusik zu machen: die Brücke der Camden […]

Midnight thoughts

It feels strange, being so completely on my own, although I thought I’d like to be alone (I often do—but then I’m never far from getting back to others)—actually I never REALLY was before … tomorrow I’ll meet an old friend of mine—so: not all alone anymore 😉


I arrived a bit more than an hour ago. Now I’m in my room and, having get rid of my stuff I will now go, well … somewhere. Vor etwas mehr als einer Stunde bin ich in London angekommen, habe jetzt mein Zimmer in einem Studentenwohnheim bezogen und werd nun, da ich nicht mehr soviel […]

Debut EP out now!

My debut EP has been published just minutes ago! It’s available on amazon and many other portals by now, iTunes will follow soon. But you can also go to my bandcamp page to download it and name just the price that you think is decent! Vor wenigen Minuten wurde meine Debüt-EP veröffentlicht! Sie ist auf […]