Some notes on being in Stratford

I didn’t make it to publish another post yesternight—I fell asleep over writing it 🙂


Chilled to the marrow I left the ‘Acoustic Yard’ event at Cox’s Yard, a pub and live music venue. I opened that night and even though I had to play before the official start, there were at least SOME people to listen to me—which never happened on the streets (and never happened to any other street musicians, as well). And it also didn’t happen in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where I played for the entering crowd. But at least I had a nice little chat there with an 11 year old hip hop fan—besides other things he wanted to know if it’s hard to learn the guitar and how old my guitar is (it left him sort of speechless when he learned that it was much older then he is).

(my first proper breakfast this week—lovely!!)

Today I gave busking another try—as this is what I’m here for. It feels a bit like charity: people searching their pockets and bags for change and throwing it in the guitar case while moving on as quickly as possible. Now I have a purse full of pennies (okay, there were also one 50p and four Pounds). I’ve spent most of it on fish and chips about an hour ago, while experiencing the first English rain in five days.

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